Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Challenge Results So Far

Progress on my goal as stated here. I have actually lost 1.5 pounds and exercised an average of 5 times per week. Not having met my goal, I'm feeling a little irritated with myself. I've also postponed taking the too tight pants pics that I promised. One would think I would take them soon so I can see how tight they really are and jolt me back into eating reality. Pictures will be taken and posted.

So, as you can tell from above, the challenge is underway and we are in week three. I have to say I wanted to be a little farther on the weight loss and exercise front but, alas, I'm not. I'm sure I could come up with some excuses, like I was sick last week, it snowed here all day Monday and Tuesday so I have no need to fit into summer pants, Mother's Day happened, I had elective bypass surgery (slipped that in to see if you were truly listening to my whiny excuses). Yes, some of these things did truly happen in my life but are really no excuse for not being more accountable.

Let's get it in gear, woman. It meaning your flabby derriere moving in some way to counter attack the lack of accountability.... I shall report better results in my next post.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Challenge Begins

Okay, here's the skinny. Carolyn over at One Pound at a Time is putting together a challenge. I could so kiss you right now, Carolyn. Anyway, it starts tomorrow and lasts for 8 weeks (the true first day of summer - June 21st). Go check it out and sign up. What can it hurt? My goal is to be where I was last summer at this time and fit in ALL my summer pants. I will be taking pics of these too tight pants and we will watch the progress together. I've said I was going to this for about a month now and it's time to commit. In the next 8 weeks I hope to - NO - I will find my resolve, my adamant and unwavering ability to stay in control, my overall food composure and my weight loss mojo will return. I'm not calling Austin Powers. Its time to swing, baby...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Muffin Morning Sunday

I think I'm going to start a tradition. Every Sunday (well maybe not every Sunday) will be declared Muffin Sunday. The last two Sundays I have awakened and made muffins. Last Sunday it was Oooey Gooey Banana Muffins and this Sunday it was Blueberrific Muffins. Thank goodness to Vitamuffin Mixes, so good. Anyway, check them out. They are easy and taste wonderful.

The weekend has been good and crazy. I spent the morning yesterday trying on my spring/summer pants for my "too tight pants" debut. Well, I have to say that I must not be as fat as I thought, most of the pants fit, some more snug than others but overall, not as tight as I had thought. So, why does that not make me feel better? There were at least three pair that I am going to place on my lower half and have my other half take pictures. I will post them up for the world to see. These pants did fit last summer and I wore them many times. Sigh, what happened to my resolve, my adamant and unwavering ability to stay in control, my overall food composure? Have I lost my weight loss mojo? What can I do to get it back? Should I call Austin Powers? Or, I could just sew my mouth shut. That should solve my problem.....

I have been better than usual this weekend and I intend to keep things going during the week. I ran, I walked, I cleaned and I did some cooking. The walking path is almost free of snow and I will soon be out every morning for my two mile walk. Keep your fingers crossed that Mother Nature remains in a good mood or my hopes of walking in about a week will be just hopes and not reality.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funny Story

Well, my youngest daughter is away at school and she called me the other day and told me the following story.

There is a girl in her class that is from Persia. Well, I wasn't sure about its location. My first thought was in the middle east somewhere. Apparently its in Iran somewhere between Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm no geography major so I looked it up.

This girl and my daughter have a "girl thing" going on as both are very competitive. The Persia card is played often in class to make a point to all that she is superior. Well, my youngest daughter is, how do I say this, a little "spunky," if you know what I mean. She finally had enough of the Persia card the other day and told her this. "You know, I'm from Italy, the country that's shaped like a boot and if you're not careful I'll shove it up your a___!" In front of the entire class mind you. At first I used the pursed mother expression thinking how could I have raised a daughter who would do such a thing. Then I burst out laughing hysterically. Can you just see it, a classroom full of students and she pops up with, "you know, the country shaped like a boot ...." I asked if she was now suspended or asked not to return. She said, "No." The teacher apparently had a hard time not laughing, turned his back to the students and continued with class. The classroom was full of muffled laughs and shaking shoulders as they were all trying to hold in their laughter.

I'm guessing that my daughter has won this round but there will probably be more. What do you think?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ready for the Weekend to Be Over

Well, the weekend has been busy and crazy but also productive. A little too much over indulgence but I'm ready to say, STOP, GET A GRIP and move on. I did some grocery shopping, book work, house cleaning, laundry and, most importantly, we went out Saturday night with friends and had a great time but ended up playing Guitar Hero until wee hours in the morning. So, I'm beat today.

Oh, I also had some time to download some music to the old ipod. A little Daughtry, Duran Duran, Eminem, Buckcherry, Linkn Park. One thing I didn't have time to do is take my "too tight pants" pics. I am, however, bound and determined to get them taken this week. So, check back often for the preview!

I also made Oooey, Gooey Banana Muffins and Butternut Bisque today. Both surprisingly excellent.

Hope all had a good weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is Too Short

You know, today I had to go to a funeral for a client who I have known for 20+ years. He was what I would categorize as "my absolutely favorite client." Kind, intelligent, funny, complimentary and always thinking of ways to "make a deal work." It's hard for me to think I won't be working with him anymore. I will truly miss him and his wonderful laugh.

So, because of the whole uproar in my schedule the last couple days, my eating and exercise have been erratic. And, can you believe, I have another funeral planned for tomorrow. A lovely little lady who taught piano lessons to local kids and who I have known since I was young passed away over the weekend. She will truly be missed in our community. So, I'm anticipating that my schedule, again tomorrow, will be crazy. My plan, however, is to not let that be an excuse to eat things not on plan or not drink my water or not at least attempt some type of exercise. I think by writing that down, I am doing myself a favor.

I will be taking those photos of my "too tight pants" for my tribute to the Glam Challenge this weekend. So, please tune in for my public humiliation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gone But Hopefully Not Forgotten

Well, it's been awhile since I posted and, frankly, awhile since I have been accountable to myself and my eating and exercise. I feel like I have been beating my head against the wall - or desk as the picture portrays. Life, work, eating, exercise seem to be overwhelming to me right now. I am also generally irritated with myself because at this time last year I was about 8 to 9 pounds less than I am now. My New Year's goal was to be back there by the end of March. Well, guess what, it's almost the end of March and I'm not there yet. I know, not the end of the world. However, I'm just irritated with myself for not doing the things I know that I can do to get to where I want to be. So, I know that Glam has a challenge out there and I am becoming a Glam Fan and hopping on the public humiliation wagon. No bikini but I do have some pants that I wore last spring/summer that I know will be too tight. So, my challenge to myself is to get back in those pants by the end of April/beginning of May. I will be taking photos of myself in those "too tight" pants and will be posting for all to see. Yes, public humiliation, here I come. Check back soon for those photos...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Menu for Monday

Here's the menu for today:

WW Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal w/ 1/2 c. frozen cherries - 2.5
Coffee with 4 Tblsp FF 1/2 and 1/2 and 2 packets vanilla splenda - 1

Knudsen Live Active Cottage Cheese with 1/2 Braeburn apple - 1.5
Carrots - 0
Snyders Pretzels - 1

Stuffed Acorn Squash - 4
Salad with 1 Tbslp FF Italian Dressing

1/2 cup Ben & Jerry's Light Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt - 4

Strawberry Curves Bar - 1
Handful of Marshmallow Cereal - 1
Orange - 1
Total 17

Lots of water.
Ixnay on the excerise. The early morning darkness threw me for a loop. I'm going to give a try tomorrow.

New Day, New Snowflakes

Yep, you heard it here. More snow. So much for my spring fashion shopping spree. I guess I'll be cross-country skiing in the morning in the pitch black, love that Daylight Savings Time. I think I complainith too much. I shall stop.

Let's talk about what's up with my food planning, measuring, eating, eating, eating. Oh, I seem to be stuck on eating, don't I? Kind of like my weekend. So, today is Monday and the greatest and bestest day to give it a go to have a good beginning to a great week. That's exactly what I'm going to do. So, I have great food in the house as I just went shopping over the weekend and there's no excuse not to eat well and be accountable. I know that I said I was going to try not to weigh and measure but as I thought about it I realized that the only time I have ever been successful at losing and maintaining is when I weigh and measure. So, I guess if I'm 90 and in the kitchen measuring out my Esure and prunes, so be it. There could be worse things in the world. At least I'll be a thin 90 year old!

So, I took Roni's advice over at Roni's Weight Watchen and picked up some light Ben & Jerry's. I grabbed the Cherry Garcia Light Frozen Yogurt. The stats aren't bad 1/2 cup for 170 calories, 3 grams of fat and .5 grams of fiber. Works out to 4 points per serving if you are doing WW (you could probably get away with 3.5 if you wanted to, I usually round up, though). Not too shabby. I've yet to try it but I'll report back and let you know. It was actually fun to look in the ice cream section and find something that I could fit into my life.

I also did something that I haven't done for awhile and that's mark point values on the foods I bought at the store. That way, I know exactly what my portion should be and what the point value is for that particular food. I had gotten away from doing that and I really think it helps me. I'm a nutritional label freak so I'm always looking at them anyway, why not figure out the points right off the bat. I write the points directly on the bag, box, etc. If I happen to dump the contents in another container, I cut the label off the bag or box, write the points on it and stick it in the container. I think it helps my "accountability." You know the old saying - Out of sight, out of mind. Well this makes it harder when the points are written in permanent marker on the container I'm eating from.

I'll try to stop back after dinner and post my menu for the day.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Dreamin of Spring

Now, just because I said that doesn't mean it's going to happen any time soon. But if it were to happen, I would love to get some spring fashions from Ann Taylor. Check these out:

Nice lines on the top and great design on the skirt - lovin it!

Nice red color and if you zoom in it has great details. Also lovin it!

One more and how absolutely adorable. Too bad she looks 6' tall and skinny as a rail. But, hey, it could work!

By the way, sleeveless shirts, not happening here for awhile. It was in the teens this am when I went cross-country skiing. Yes, I've been trying to go skiing at least four times a week. Man, is that a work out. The track is down by the river and therefore a little chilly. It's the walking path I use all summer and this year, since there is so much snow, the Nordic Council has been grooming it for cross-county skiing. Once around is 2 miles. I am really starting to enjoy it and can feel that it's doing some good. So, as I've said before, Mother Nature, keep it comin, I've got the skis....

Oh, have you used Zip-n-Steam Bags? Wow, used them for the first time last night for some broccoli and button mushroom that I knew wouldn't be around long if I didn't use them up. I wasn't in the mood to do anything fancy and remembered that I had purchased the bags a couple weeks ago. Never know what you might find in my pantry! Anyway, I added some salt, pepper, seasoning and topped them with some Atheno's Reduced Fat Feta Cheese. They were awesome. I highly recommend them. Oh, it only took 4 minutes and no liquid needs to be added. The veggies were still a little crunchy and beautiful in color. I'm going to cook zucchini and portabellas tonight. I might be hooked.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kickin Around an Idea

Okay, I've been kickin this idea around in my head for a little while now. So, as you can all tell from reading my bio, I am and have been a WW groupy for quite some time. I'm wondering if I would like to try another approach. I don't mean give up or stop being accountable. But, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by counting and measuring. I see myself at age 90 standing in the kitchen measuring my appropriate portion of Ensure and dried prunes. I know, a little exaggeration. But does the weighing and measuring thing ever bother anybody else out there? I also wonder if it's psychological in that if I DON'T weigh or measure my mind tells me I'm eating too much. When, in fact, I'm probably not. I've been doing this for long enough to have a pretty good idea about portion size. Anyway, I was thinking of giving the no weighing/measuring thing a try for a week and see what happens. Maybe a little less pressure and maybe a scale success. Anyway, I won't start until next Monday as I think I should give it a full week of experimenting. I'll report back to let you know if I can actually do it and if I do, did it work.

I also had Green Giant Healthy Weight Vegetables for dinner last night and they were really good. There are probably others out there who have had them and might have a comment but easy packaging and as the post says ready in minutes. By searching for these I also stumbled upon the website the link will take you to named - I Ate A Pie. Never seen it before but it has some great product reviews and a work out song of the day. I might have my head in the sand on this one too. Not sure but wanted to share.

Another thing I picked up at the store a few weeks ago and wanted to share is TastyKakes Cookie Sticks. I happened to pick up the oatmeal raisin. I think they have two other flavors, chocolate chip and chocolate fudge. You know, they're okay. I was expecting something softer and chewier. I am a cookie freak and am always looking for a way to fit in some cookies. They are 2 WW points and if you eat them while drinking a hot drink it kinda hits the spot.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Are You a Guitar Hero?

Let me explain. Well, even though me and the husband are not kids anymore, in fact, quite the contrary, we invested in a Wii. We have some friends who have an x-box and my husband fell in love with the game Guitar Hero when we were invited over to their house "to play." These same friends came over to our house on Friday evening for a lite supper and to play Guitar Hero on the new Wii.

I have several observations about that evening. There were three couples, a total of six people. I made soup in the crockpot, heated some multigrain bread for "dunking" and we had Vitabrownies with dried cherries and toasted pine nuts on top for dessert. Shhh, there were a few alcoholic beverages as well.

Observation #1 One couple who we will call Couple #1. The husband is thin and tall and the wife, who I have known since I was in grade school, has battled with her weight and has even gone to WW with me.
Observation #2 The other couple who we will call Couple #2. The husband is shorter and rounder and, even though still young, has had serious heart related health issues and he has had to keep his weight in check while his wife is no bigger than a minute. Seriously, people, she is and has always been thin, even when she was pregnant.
Observation #3 We'll be Couple #3. Me, of course, battle with food and weight issues and have since childhood. My husband has had spells where he has fought to keep his weight in control but for most of our married life, has remained thin.

So, why am I telling you this you ask. Don't get impatient, I'm getting to that.

So, we ate dinner and from the minute we sat at the table I began to observe what everybody ate, how much, etc. I know, it's a wonder I have any friends. Being the food person I am, I find this type of observation interesting. Two men went back for seconds on soup, my husband and the shorter husband of the threesome. All ate bread except for the "no bigger than a minute" wife. We all had beer or wine. Then came time for brownies. This observation was very interesting. No bigger than a minute or tall thin husband from Couple #1 were ever observed reaching for, smelling nor eating a brownie. My husband had too many to count which is normal for him, Couple #2 husband had two and said I need to stop and wife from Couple #1 was spotted eating several.

Let's recap. Why is it that some people have control over food and other's don't? If you can see my logic here, two of the brownie eaters have health or weight issues. My husband is just a pig and can generally eat whatever he wants and never gain weight. Totally not fair if you ask me but back to my question. What makes some people not want dessert and to be satisfied with dinner. Both non-brownie eaters said I'm full and weren't tempted by brownies. Who is not tempted by brownies? Am I just destined to have bad food karma and always be tempted by brownies or food in general? Just curoius. Signed, Friendly Food Observer

PS I kicked butt at Guitar Hero. I think my husband's nose is a little out of joint. I'm just a girl, you know. Heehee!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out to Lunch, OH NO!

We are having an unexpected out to lunch day. I had my lunch all planned and now things will change. I’m not very good at not sticking to the “plan.” Darn those people that like to “go out to lunch.” Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do You Reward Yourself for Weight Loss?

When you were a kid, and you did something well, every now and then you got a reward. Like when you received a good report card, you lost a tooth or you helped out around the house. Motivating, right?

I remember helping at my grandmother's restaurant when I was little. We would go really early in the morning, while it was still dark, to make the donuts and pies. Yes, homemade. She would reward me with the donut or pastry of my choice, always warm and fresh and dripping with glaze (sorry if I'm giving you too much of a visual) and we would sit at a booth before the doors were open and she would let me have a 1/2 cup of coffee laden with cream and sugar. My reward for helping.

Is weight loss any different? Obviously our parents or grandparents won't be the ones rewarding us but should we be rewarding ourselves? Will that same logic make our weight-loss journey more pleasant?

I hadn't thought about my special times with my grandmother, who has since passed, for quite awhile. What a great lady. Little did she know that the reward was just being with her and having her teach me things I still remember. Not to mention that maybe part of my weight problems may stem from the donuts and the 1/2 cup of "coffee syrup" and, of course, the reward of "food." Certainly gives me something to think about given my relationship with food and why I am thinking about rewards and whether it might be a motivator, like when I was a kid.

So, I was thinking (always dangerous) that if I could stay "on track" for an entire week (7 whole days) then I would reward myself. With what, I'm not sure. It's an incentive to do better and that's how I justified it in my swampy little mind. Like the dangling carrot in front of the bunny.

So, I have set some mini-goals for myself and wondering if or what would be an appropriate reward. See what you think.

1. Exercise at least 5 times this week. (So far I've cross-country skied twice - About an hour each time)
2. Moderation in food intake (weigh and measure if I'm unsure of portions). Doing good so far but it's early in the week.
3. Be accountable for what goes in my mouth. That means everything that goes in my mouth. (Just to let you know, I have eaten one evil Girl Scout cookie this week. One lonely thin mint and it was for dessert after dinner. The remaining cookies have been placed out of my sight. As we all know, I could find them if I wanted to!)

Rewards??? Share if you reward yourself and let me know what you use as a reward. I might like it so much I'll steal it!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Did Something Today I Thought Was Bad - Yikes!

Well, on the way home from work which was around 6:30 pm or so I remembered that I had purchased a box of WW Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars last week and they were still in the car. Hmmmm, I contemplated. I'm hungry and I could really use a snack. Well, I ate it thinking as I drove that I probably shouldn't be eating this. It will only lead to something no good. But, after getting home, preparing Chicken Parmigiana Over Spaghetti Squash and not eating until 9:30 pm it actually turned out to be a good thing. Even though I thought it was bad at the time. It kept me from eating while I was cooking and I didn't try to find any of my "husband's hidden goodies."

So, I updated my progress chart tonight and I have to say, the last few months resemble a straight line heart monitor with a few upword beats. Downward movement, not so much. My goal is to make it better. Hopefully next week we will see some movement in the right direction.

Long day, I'm tired and in need of some rest. I'm aiming for an early morning cross country ski so I'll keep you posted. Goodnight.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Atmospheric Phenomenon...

Could it be? Could it possibly be? It must be an Atmospheric Phenomenon but I actually have had a weekend not filled with cookies, candy, Mexican food, etc. I weigh in on Monday mornings and will post the results on my progress chart tomorrow evening. Just wanted to share that because I'm feeling better about things on the weight loss front.

I also have two NSVs to share will all of you.

1. For those of you who have been following my little problem (okay, okay, it's not a little problem) with Girl Scout Cookies which I talked about earlier this week. I have news to report. I did my weekly grocery shopping this afternoon and low and behold who do you think was stationed outside the front door, actually both doors, of Wal Mart? Yeah, you guessed it, the Girl Scouts and their damned evil cookies. I want you to know they came at me like a swarm of mosquitoes looking to suck your blood and leave a welt to remind you later. Their sweet little voices asking in perfect unison, "Mam, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" Well, I smiled with confidence and answered, "No thank you I already have several boxes." Can you freaking believe it? I did it, I didn't give in this time. Could it be that I didn't want to give in or is it another Atmospheric Phenomenon?

2. On another front, I have cross-county skied two days in a row (2 miles each day). If Mother Nature isn't going to throw me a bone with the weather, I'll show her. I'll beat her at her own game. I'll just keep skiing until May!!!

So, all in all, the weekend has been pleasant, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and a little coffee sipping by the fire with the husband and the golden retriever.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Playing Bingo Again

I keep going back to a post of last week where I talk about a Calorie is a Calorie, Right? Well, I'm playing BINGO again and I'm not happy about it. Damn those Girl Scouts and their cookies. I feel like I'm checking out of my weight loss efforts. Starting tomorrow I'm checking back in. I will wake up early exercise and have a good day. I am in control of my weight loss future. But right now I'm not feeling in control. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am the PRESIDENT of Overindulging

Okay, if I had been Washington or Lincoln, I probably wouldn't have had access to Girl Scout cookies, right? See where I'm going with this one? Well, I am truly the PRESIDENT of overindulging on the long weekend.

First it was a trip to the city to visit my girls. That, of couse, was an excuse to overindulge. What, go to the city and not eat out, why of course not. Then, sweet little Girls Scouts in full dress attire standing at attention outside every store we seemed to frequent. Don't they know it's Colorado, it's cold and people haven't been exercising properly and shouldn't be tempted by their innocent, wafer thin little cheeks and tiny mouthes smiling and asking, "Mam, wouldn't you like to support our troop and buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?" I didn't want to say to them, "Well, honey, I have been eating way too much the last couple days and feel like a beached whale, my pants are tight and I really shouldn't have any cookies, but thank you." Instead, I hear the words coming from my mouth saying, "Sure, why don't I get a box of Thin Mints and Tagalongs." All the while I'm thinking, by the way, can you just take them out of the box and paste them to my butt and thighs? Thanks, so much.

Notwithstanding the evilness of Girl Scout cookies and mexican food. I then find that the Easter candy is in the grocery stores. Could anybody ask for something more evil than the creation of the Cadbury Mini Egg? Oh, come on weight loss gods, throw me a bone here, will ya!!! So, I smile, and throw them in my cart. They are also now affixed to my thighs and buttocks. This is the way of the weekend and my Monday and Tuesday haven't been much better.

Let's talk about overindulging. Normal, every once and awhile, yes, but this weekend was grandios in overindulgence. I AM FREAKING OUT, HERE, PEOPLE. Sorry to shout but hopefuly somebody is listening. How do I get back to healthy eating after overindulging????

Well, I came across this article when freaking out and it actually makes sense. So, people, here I go, I am going to commit to all my readers to do the following:

1. Relax (this is going to be a tough one but I'm going to try)
2. Add some fiber to your diet. It helps push the "junk" from your body after a binge and will help you feel full. (I'm thinking that if I down an entire box of Fiber One, it might, and I say "might," make a difference)
3. Drink green tea and water during breakfast and lunch to help process the fiber.
4. Have high protein meals for lunch and dinner. (Girl Scout cookies probably don't count, huh?)
5. Have a high protein snack.
6. Go for a walk or do some sit-ups. Exercise if you feel up to it. Don't over do it or it could trigger the binge again.
7. Get 8 hours of sleep.
8. Follow steps 1 through 7 for another day or until you are back on track.
9. Love yourself for caring enough to take care of your body.

I have to say, after typing this post, I'm feeling a little better about the weekend. I have to accept what has happened, be happy I have a chance to start over and focus on what I'm doing right now, this very moment, to correct what has already happened. I may need some encouragement, though, so anybody out there feeling like they want to give advice, please feel free.....

Oh, when I got back to the office this morning, guess what was on my chair? Four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. They were delivered late on Friday after I was gone for the day. Weight loss gods at work again. Don't you just love it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Has Cupid Shot You With His Arrow Today?


My husband and I have been married 27 years now and we aren't so much into the Valentine's Day hype. You can call us old fuddy duddies, it's okay. I do have some candy for him. He can eat candy every day and not have a problem with his weight. I bought him a can of Mixed Nuts, a box of Dots and a big package of Reese's Peanut Butter Big Cups.

Observation, my husband only eats when he's hungry and stops when he's full. He won't eat just because. I will offer him something and he will say, "No, I think I'm full." Me on the other hand, especially if it's candy, nuts, cookies, cake, would eat it even if I'm full. What is the difference in us that makes that possible? Why does he have the control over food that I don't? His relationship with food is basically he needs it to live and work each day. I have a very different relationship with food. I always want what I perceive as something I shouldn't have. Does that make any sense at all? Me and the husband have made some deals over the years in an attempt to even out the odds of him never gaining weight and me looking at food and doing the opposite. Here are a few of those compromises:

  • that we try to reduce our consumption of red meat and lean more toward the chicken and fish and occasionally no meat at all, shhh, a vegetarian dish. I had to work at this last one.
  • we have a vegetable with dinner each and every night. I truly have to say this one has been a success. Both of us are now vegetable connoisseurs.
  • try to keep candy, cookies and sugar laden treats from entering the house on a regular basis.
  • try new recipes.
  • he will support me in my weight loss efforts and I will support him in his love for football. (This, of course means that we will eat lowfat snacks while watching!)
  • have patience with me when I come home grumpy from weigh in when I've gained.
  • never be a food pusher.
  • work with me when I get excited about a new food find or cookbook.
  • love me no matter whether I've gained and praise me when I have lost.

So, see why we are still Valentines after 27 years. Have you and your Valentine done any weight loss compromising over the years? If so, pray tell...

Hope you and your Valentine have a great V Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look What Women's Health Magazine Can Do for You...

I checked my email tonight and low and behold there was an advertisement for Women's Health Magazine. This is their marketing speal:

You CAN have it all - or at least what matters most to you: Get in the best shape of your life...boost your energy well and still stay slim...get the most out of your relationships...and more. That's what Women's Health is all about! Unlike other magazines with a "one-size-fits-all" standard of beauty, Women's Health helps you find your way to a happier, healthier, and smarter life that's just your style.

Wow, I think I'll go buy out every magazine rack from Colorado to New York!!! If a magazine can truly help me eat well, stay slim and work magic with my relationships why wouldn't I buy it? Does anybody else find this absolutely ridiculous? What happened to being personally responsible for our actions? Is a glossy piece of paper with some pictures, articles, occasional recipe and a little glue actually going to make my dinner and nag my husband (only on occasion, really)? Oh, I almost forgot the most important part of a magazine, the little advertisement cards that are so, so annoying and that keep you from turning the page successfully. Turn page, back to the advertisement card, turn page, back to advertisement card, TEAR OUT ADVERTISEMENT CARD, turn page, smile with the sense that you have won the battle. Sorry, I digress from my point.
What happend to good old hard work to get what you want out of life? Would you succumb to this advertisement? Just wondering.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Fat My Friend?

I am guilty of having an abundance of fat-free and reduced-fat products in my house. I jumped on the fat free band wagon several years ago and I'm still ridin shot gun. Am I truly being health conscious with these products or should I try to let "fat be my friend?" Fat has always gotten me into trouble before and I don't want to go there again. However, I recently read an article (not that I haven't heard it before) reinterating that our bodies need dietary fats, especially those naturally found in fish, nuts, seeds and oils. So, instead of banishing fat completely or seeing it as the enemy, should I be a little less of a control freak and give it a try? I know that healthy fat means fish, nuts, seeds, oils, avocados, olives, etc. Well, let me tell you about me and our friend the nut. If I have nuts in the house. The nuts will end up being eaten, no ifs, ands or buts. I can't control my consumption of nuts. I will, literally, eat a whole can of nuts in one sitting. I will feel ill afterward but, nonetheless, it still occurs. As I alway say, my relationship with food is a work in progress. I just don't buy them, period. With nuts out of the equation, that leaves, fish, oils, seeds, avocados and olives. I think seeds would get me the same results as the nuts. Similar breed with most likely the same result. So, now we are down to fish, oil, avocados and olives. I don't think I should just start downing the olive oil, so what should I do to reintroduce some "good" fat back into my diet? Honestly, none of the remaining choices sound real appealing. How do you get your "good" fat or, honestly, do you even worry about it?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why Did She Have To Say, "Wow, You Look Great!"

As you can see from my post yesterday, I have made it a priority to be a better planner this week. Well, tonight I made Polenta Lasagna for dinner and it should last for at least another meal and maybe even a lunch. Yeah! I will post the recipe soon. It was really good and fairly low in points compared to regular lasagna. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out really well. My husband is an extreme polenta lover and when we came across this Merchant Foods Organic Polenta at the grocery store, he begged and I gave in. I have bought it a couple times now and I am starting to be a fan. The nutritional information is great and it actually tastes good.

So, food wise, it was an okay day. Used some flex points which I really didn't want to but I did and now I'm moving on. Tuesday is another day and I am saying goodbye to Monday, February 11, 2008.

I had a friend who I hadn't seen in about five months say to me today, "Wow, you look great!" Why did she have to say that? I don't feel like I look great. I feel like I'm still packing around 5 lb of extra Christmas grazing weight. Of course, I, just like Katieo, in her post about Should I Stay or Should I Go? then said to myself, "What do I need to lose a few pounds for? She said I look great." Also the reason for the use of flex points. She said I look great, you know. Well, the reason is simple. I need to feel better about myself. Yes, let me say it again. I need to feel better about myself. There, I've said it.

Does this ever happen to you and then you have second thoughts about your weight loss efforts and sabotage a great day???

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Failure to Plan will Result in a Plan to Fail

I heard this statement today and it kind of hit home on the weight loss front. My planning has not been as good as I would like it to be of late. Especially on the weight loss front. So, after a weekend of okay eating (Could have been worse) I am going to have a "planned week." By that I mean that I will plan my meals and snacks on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will sit down and plan some dinner ideas that can take me through several nights. I love leftovers. Some people hate them, however I'm not one of those people. Truly, there are some things that taste better the second night around. One of my favorite "go to" dinner ideas is anything using the crock pot. Soups, salsa chicken, stew, whatever. It is such a good feeling when you walk through the door after work and "voile" dinner is ready and the house smells wonderful! So, here's my plan:
  • Dust off the journal
  • Get out the food scale
  • Make sure frig is stocked with good things (someone once said to me if you stand in front of the refrigerator and aren't hungry enough to each a piece of fruit, you aren't that hungry). Right now I have salad, veggies, fruit, string cheese, yogurt, fat free salad dressings and I'm sure a few other things that are good for me. So, I have a start on a fabulous week.
  • Sit down and plan dinners for the week - I'll get back to you and let you know what I come up with.
  • Exercise at least five times this week
  • Get my tax information to the accountant (not weight related but it's making me nervous)

So, there you have it. It's a plan in writing. I tend to stick to something better if I see it in writing.

Oh, I crosscountry skied today - yikes my muscles are sore. But in a good way.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Calorie is a Calorie, Right?

So, if I'm reading this correctly, as far as losing or gaining, it doesn't matter if all my calories come from cookies and candy or from veggies, carbs and protein as long as I remain in my alloted calorie range. Right? So other than feeling sick, bloated and having a little sugar rush and then maybe a big sugar low, what's the problem with eating candy and cookies all day? I went seeking an answer to this question. Here it is.

  1. As far as weight gain or loss, a calorie is a calorie. If you normally eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, fiber, healthy protein, good fats and whole grains, I don't believe that eating nothing but candy and sugar for only one single day would really do any damage to your body in the long run. You would feel bad for a day or so, though. SEE, I'M FEELING BETTER ABOUT MYSELF NOW. NO TRULY LONG LASTING EFFECTS OF EATING NOTHING GOOD FOR ME THIS ENTIRE DAY. WELL, MAYBE A FEW OTHER DAYS, TOO.
  2. Of course if you started eating like that with some frequency, you would have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you wouldn't get the healthy fats you need, you would eat too many saturated and unhealthy trans fats and you wouldn't get enough protein. You would probably have poor health due to the deficiencies, low energy levels, and your immune system wouldn't work as well as it should. SO, NOT FEELING SO GREAT ABOUT IT NOW. BUT CAN I JUST SAY THERE ARE NO TRANS FATS IN CANDY.. OKAY, STILL NOT FEELING SO GREAT.
  3. One problem with sodas and candy is that once we start indulging our cravings for those sweets, the cravings get worse and worse and we may eat more and more of the sugary foods which would displace all the healthy foods we really need. BINGO WE HAVE A WINNER.....
So, there you have it. And I thought a calorie was just a calorie. Now, kidding aside. I truly have been falling off the wagon of late. The weight is not going the direction I want. I'll have a really good day and then several really bad days. The comment above about once we start indulging our cravings get worse and worse and then we eat more and more. Am I the only bingo winner??? Please tell me I'm not.

I want to be happy when I do this. Right now, I'm just not feelin the love. The scale and I are having a difference of opinion. My opinion is that it should be the number I want it to be and it's opinion is that it will be the number that it truly is. I literally want to have my cake and eat it too. Without the consequences, of course. I need to make better choices and be more accountable. So, I'm moving on, I'm stepping away from the candy and cookies. I don't want to play Bingo anymore.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


So, today was a day from hell. I had to get up at 4:30 am to take my mother 100 miles away to be with my sister during her double knee replacement. Yes, you read correctly, DOUBLE. Back to my title. IT WILL NOT BE ME, I REFUSE. I refuse to abuse my body with excess food and couch potato behavior to the point that it can no longer work!!! My mother, bless her heart, has had two knee replacements, ankle fusions, two shoulder replacements, two hip replacements... you get the picture. Now, my sister, what's wrong with this family and the plastic parts. Well, it stops with me. I am this very day resolving not to follow in the foot steps of my mother and sibling. Roni at Weight asked the question the other day. Why do you want to lose weight? Well, here's another very, very good reason for me. Keeping it short tonight as I have been up what seems like an eternity. Let me say it one more time. The buck stops here. Or should we say the plastic parts.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Would You Like a Weight Loss Wand?

So, would ya? I read this somewhere. I just skimmed it and then you know how sometimes it takes a minute for your brain to register what you just read. Well, I read the words again - Weight Loss Wand. Hmm, I thought. What would I do if there was a weight loss wand. Would I use it and what would it do for me? Well, it got me thinking. As we all know, weight loss is NOT magic. My personal definition of magic is something unexpectedly good that happens behind the scenes. Like in a fairy tale. So, let's see, if I had a weight loss wand back in 1985 when I started this process would I have learned any of the following:
  • The importance of eating healthy
  • The art of understanding food labels
  • That vegetables are actually good for me and don't have to be deep fried or drenched in salad dressing
  • That exercise is NOT a four letter word
  • That fast food is not a "life saver"
  • Not everything you eat needs to be drenched in butter
  • Dessert is not one of the main food groups
  • Your plate doesn't have to be 100% covered with food to make you satisfied
  • The importance of understanding my relationship with food (actually a work in progress)
  • I don't have to cook like my mother
  • I don't have to be fat because I've always been fat
  • I can be happy, confident and social (I used to pass up invitations to attend social functions because I was self conscious)
  • I can speak in public (not a chance I would have done this prior to WW)
  • I can run - Yes, I said run
  • I don't have to please everybody, just those who care about and understand me
  • Food is something I need to live, I don't live for food
  • The scale is not always EVIL (actually sometimes it's magic)
  • I can be successful at weight loss
  • Maintenance is not as easy as losing
  • P A T I E N C E

So, after reviewing the things I have learned through this process I think my answer is No. The weight loss wand may offer weight loss magic, but where does that leave me? I think it would leave me with no tools to continue on and a guarantee that I would be back seeking more "magic" because I couldn't do it on my own. I have learned so much through this process and, you know what, I don't think I would give any of it up for some "stinkin wand." I love the fact that I know I am in charge of my weight loss future, me and only me. I will do what it takes to make my own fairy tale. I encourage you to make yours. Check this out -Magical Fairytale Moments.

Progression Charts January 2007 to Present

Here are my progression charts from January 2007 to Present. I update them weekly. Even if I know I've gained....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chicken Parmigiana Over Spaghetti Squash - Yum

Chicken Parmigiana Over Spaghetti Squash

4 chicken breasts -4 oz each
1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs (I used italian)
2 tsp italian seasoning, salt and pepper to taste (I also added a little grinder garlic sea salt)
4 tsp olive oil
2 cups tomato sauce
4 Tblsp marinara sauce
3 cups spaghetti squash, cooked
1 cup 2% Kraft Mozarella Shredded Cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat an oven proof dish with cooking spray. Mix breadcrumbs and seasonings in a large zip lock bag. Throw in the chicken and shake to coat. Meanwhile heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add chicken and cook until lightly browned on both sides. Set aside. Place the spaghetti squash in the oven proof dish and pour the tomato sauce over it. Sprinkle with 1/2 of the cheese. Place browned chicken on top of the cheese and top each breast with 1Tblsp of marinara sauce. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or so or until bubbling and cooked through.

My calculation is 6 points per serving. But the serving is quite large because of the magic spaghetti squash. Always check points depending on your ingredients, as they could change.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

7 Steps to Weight Loss - Do You Agree??

I found the below somewhere. I read it and it really makes sense to me. I want all who read this to see the words "daily weigh-ins are key." So, I'm not as obsessive compulsive...okay, I am. Well, I do vacuum the floor 4 to 5 times a week. You guys know already, I'm a Geek.

7 Steps To Weight Loss
By Michael O'Shea Published: January 13, 2008

1. BUY A SCALE To change your body, you need to know where you stand. A recent study by Brown University Medical School showed that daily weigh-ins are key. (First thing in the morning is best.) Use the number as a way to track your progress. A realistic goal is a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week. I AGREE WITH THIS BUT MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE I ALREADY AM DOING IT.
2.CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS Toss all those naughty little goodies that might prove too tempting when you’re tired or hungry. Or put them at the back of the cupboard or refrigerator so you won’t be faced with them every time you open the door. And divide large bags of snacks into single-portion baggies or buy prepackaged 100-calorie options. THIS IS ANOTHER ONE I AGREE WITH. AT CHRISTMAS I FINALLY HAD TO THROW AWAY THE WALNETTOS. YES, WALNETTOS. MY MOTHER BOUGHT ME A THREE POUND BAG AND I PROCEEDED TO EAT AT LEAST 2 1/2 POUNDS BY DECEMBER 27TH!! IF MY HUSBAND BUYS THINGS LIKE RED LICORICE, CERTAIN PASTRIES, ETC. I ASK HIM NICELY TO PLEASE HIDE THEM FROM ME... IT ACTUALLY WORKS AND I FORGET ABOUT THEM. NOW, IF I REALLY WANT TO FIND THEM, I WILL. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?
3. KEEP A JOURNAL Write down your weight each day, plus everything you eat. You’re the only one who has to see this—so be honest. Estimate the calories of each entry as you write it down. (Find out the number of calories in everything you eat. Visit I WOULD BE SOMEWHAT LOST IF I DIDN'T TRACK WHAT I ATE EACH DAY. I CAN GUAGE THE POINTS OF MY FOOD CHOICES PRETTY WELL AND I ALWAYS HAVE MY POINTS SLIDER WITH ME - ONE IN MY PURSE, ONE IN MY CAR, ONE IN MY DESK AT WORK AND ONE IN MY KITCHEN. SEE, I AM OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE. ALSO, CHECK OUT RONI'S WEIGHT WATCHEN PAGE. SHE HAS A TABLE THAT YOU CAN USE TO PRODUCE A JOURNAL YOU CAN POST IN YOUR BLOG.
4. TELL EVERYONE Sit your family down and tell them your goals. Be clear that losing weight is important to you and that you would appreciate their support. A weight-loss buddy also can improve your chances of success. If you don’t know anyone who fits the bill, consider joining an online support group. SO, REASON WHY WW WORKS MAYBE? MY FAMILY IS PEFECTLY AWARE OF MY DESIRE TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT LOSS. I THINK IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO BE IN YOUR CORNER.
5. EAT SEVERAL SMALL MEALS A DAY It’s natural to be a little hungry during the first few days of any diet. Remind yourself that it is just a physical sensation, and you can handle it. Still, any diet that leaves you hungry all the time will lead to overeating. Many people find that having five or six small meals a day works best for them. WOW, SOMETIMES WHEN I'M BUSY I DON'T EAT ENOUGH WHICH SOMETIMES LEADS TO ONE OF THOSE "OUT OF CONTROL" MOMENTS. OK, NOT MOMENTS, SOMETIMES HOURS. OK, OK, NOT HOURS, SOMETIMES DAYS..... I CONFESS, I CONFESS. SEE THE WALNETTO COMMENT ABOVE.
6. GIVE YOURSELF TREATS If you deprive yourself endlessly, you’ll end up going on a world-class binge at some point. Consider adding a treat to your daily or weekly plan, but pay attention to portion size and calorie count. A 1/2 cup of low-fat ice cream or three pieces of chocolate can work as long as you limit yourself to that. AGAIN, I DO THIS. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I TRY NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE SUGAR CRAVING AND, BAM, IT HITS ME. I START SCARFING THE DRY CEREAL, GRAHAM CRACKERS AND ANYTHING ELSE NOT NAILED DOWN OR THAT MY HUSBAND WON'T NOTICE IS MISSING. YES, I SAID THAT. I DON'T WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT I AM EATING HIS COOKIES OR HIS CANDY. WHAT WOULD HE THINK? ME, EATING THINGS I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO. THIS IS THE FAT BRAIN TALKING. MAYBE IF I WERE TO EAT A FEW PIECES OF CHOCOLATE NOW AND AGAIN THE SCARFING WOULDN'T HAPPEN.
7. START AN EXERCISE PLAN Besides burning calories, exercise also builds muscle and boosts your metabolism as you progress. One of the best things you can do is walk. Invest in a pedometer and aim for a goal of 10,000 steps or more a day. It’s the only number you want to see go up, up, up! I KNOW, I KNOW. PLEASE GET OFF MY CASE. HONESTLY, I KNOW THIS ONE IS RIGHT ON, DEAD CENTER. I NEED TO WORK ON THIS ONE. I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A GYM THAT IS OPEN WHEN I WANT TO EXERCISE. I KNOW, WHAT AN EXCUSE. I DO HAVE A WEIGHT MACHINE AND TREADMILL SITTING BEHIND ME. IN FACT, I JUST TURNED AND LOOKED OVER TO MAKE SURE THEY WERE STILL THERE. GUESS WHAT, THEY ARE. I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO GET BUSY WITH.

So, there you have it. What do you think?

Here's the journal:
Thursday, January 31, 2008
4 Tbsp fat-free creamer - 1
WW Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal - 2
1/2 cup Fresh frozen organic blueberries - 0.5
Subtotal 3.5
Midday - I know this is a weird one. Remember the sugar craving above. I was trying not to give in but kind of bended.
3 oz clementine - 0.5
1/2 serving Hulk with marshmallow bits cereal - 1
4 frosted mini wheats - 0.5
1 SF Jello - 0
Carrots - 0
WW Caramel Cake - 1
Subtotal - 3
2 Vegetarian Bubble Up Pizza 6
Fresh Green Beans with Molly McButter - 0.5
Pretzel sticks (12) - .05
Pudding - 1
Subtotal 8
Food POINTS values total used 14.5
Scale Today 117.3
Exercise - Sigh, See Above

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Think I Live in Siberia

Well, it's really Colorado but feels like Siberia today. By the way, it's still winter in case you were wondering. It was blowing and snowing so hard today that you couldn't see anything but white. Great for a bride but not so great out your window!!! My OP has been good. So far this week I have been on target and the scale did show me a little improvement today. I'm posting a journal and a recipe.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
4 Tbsp fat-free creamer - 1
6 oz Vanilla nonfat yogurt - 1
1/2 cup Fresh frozen dark sweet cherries - 0.5
1 Tbsp Multigrain Hot Cereal - 0
Subtotal 2.5
1/4 cup Fat-Free Cottage Cheese - 1
3 oz clementine - 0.5
1 1/2 oz pineapple - 0.5
1 cup carrot(s) - 0
1/2 serving Hulk with marshmallow bits cereal - 1
(the dog really wanted some cereal so I had a handful or so - lame, I know)
Subtotal 3
2 cup romaine lettuce - 0
1/8 cup fat-free packaged croutons - 0.5
10 sprays Balsamic breeze spritzer - 0
2 Vegetarian Bubble Up Pizza 6
Subtotal 6.5
Curves Strawberry Granola Bar - Quick-added food - 1
1 item Sugar-Free Banana Nut Muffin - 1
Subtotal - 2
Food POINTS values total used 14

Scale Today 117.6

Exercise - No Go
Lots of water though!

I said I would post a recipe for Chicken Parmigiana Over Spaghetti Squash. Here it is.

4 chicken breasts - 4 oz each
1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs (I used italian)
2 tsp italian seasoning
salt and pepper to taste (I also added a little grinder garlic salt)
4 tsp olive oil
2 cups tomato sauce
4 Tblsp marinara sauce
3 cups spaghetti squash, cooked

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat an oven proof dish with cooking spray. Mix breadcrumbs and seasonings in a large zip lock bag. Throw in the chicken and shake to coat. Meanwhile heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add chicken and cook until lightly browned on both sides. Set aside. Place the spaghetti squash in the oven proof dish and pour the tomato sauce over it. Sprinkle with 1/2 of the cheese. Place browned chicken on top of the cheese and top each breast with 1Tblsp of marinara sauce. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or so or until bubbling and cooked through.

My calculation is 6 points per serving. But the serving is quite large because of the magic spaghetti squash. Always check points depending on your ingredients, as they could change.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm A Geek!!

Ya, you read it correctly, I'm A Geek!!! I am so excited that me and the husband have finally finished our guest bathroom. Yes, painted cleaned and ready for action.. Well, that's probably not the kind of action you really want. Sorry, I just couldn't resist that comment. Here are some pics.

Anyway, just had to share that. As I said I Am A Geek because I'm so excited about a bathroom!!

Well, now about the task at hand. Weight Maintenance/Weight Loss. I have now had two really good food days. Not so much on the exercise but, one step at a time. As Katieo commented. I live in Colorado and it's January... what do I expect??? By the way, it is snowing like a maniac outside as I type this post. Just to show you the amount of snow, here's my dog, Dudley, relaxing in the "snow mountain" outside our house.

This is Dudley standing at the door to come in after playing in the snow! He's kind of a weenie...

Now, about that OP. Shhh... I have been doing really great and don't want to jinx it. As I said, two full days of On Program. I'm hoping for the scale to show my hard work soon. Maybe tomorrow???

Scale Reading this am 119.7 (not real impressive to me)

Points 17 (not very hungry today)

Goal for tomorrow - to stay once again OP and to exercise.

I made a great Chicken Parm over Spagetti Squash and will post the recipe maybe tomorrow.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Another Monday

Isn't that a song? Well, that's how I feel about today, just another Monday. Blah. Yes, blah. I had a great weekend, not so great food wise but great overall. Accomplished many things, went to a movie, grocery shopping, balanced the checkbook. Just nice. I have done okay with food today and have had quite a bit of water. However, I'm not feeling good about myself. Just not feeling like I have it together, you know what I mean? I am a control freak and I just feel like my relationship with food right now is out of control. I bought candy at the movie this weekend (something that I hardly ever do because I know I will eat the entire giant box), more candy at the store, didn't exercise Sunday or today. I need to shake it off or I feel like I will continue down the road I've been down so often. I need to do something, but what? I don't want food to rule me. I need to remember that I need food to live, I don't live for food. How can I get that across to myself?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Have to Argue with Myself!

What I mean is that in the morning, while it's still dark and cold, I have a conversation with myself about whether to get up or stay in bed. The getting up is the exercise part and what I converse with myself about. I had someone tell me once that if you just put your feet on the floor in the morning, the rest will follow. Why is that so hard? I don't mind exercise. I haven't been doing my ususal outside walk/run because of the weather but the treadmill is okay and works to get my heart pumping, especially with my Ipod attached to my ears. So, why do I try so hard to talk myself out of just putting my feet on the floor??

Here's the journal:


WW Yogurt with 1/2 cup frozen cherries and 1 Tblsp of Multigrain
Oatmeal 1.5
Fat Free Creamer and 2 splenda Vanilla packets 1


Western Alternative Bagel with FF cream cheese and cucumber slices 2
Carrots 0


Turkey Mini Meatloaf, salad, side of beans, zucchini and carrots 5


Clementine, Curves Bar, Mints 3

Total 12.5

Exercise - Nada as I talked myself out of putting my feet on the floor
Morning Weight 118.7

Taa taa for now.

Do You Love or Hate Weekends?

Well, a new day and we are nipping on the heels of the weekend. Yeah!!! I love and hate weekends. The love part is, of course, you don't have to work, duh.. You can sleep in a little, be a little lazy and maybe have coffee in bed (my kids are grown and the only baby I have is a 70 lb golden retriever, Dudley, who, I will admit, occasionally has coffee in bed)! The hate part is it's also the time for work at home. Cleaning, laundry, bill paying, grocery shopping. Does anybody else hate these things sometimes or am I the only one? Any ideas on how to make it better?

Here's my journal for Wednesday, also stepped on the scale this am (I've seen better). I need to explain the scale number to you because some of you will think, "What the heck is wrong with you, I would love to have that number on the scale!" Well, I am not a large person. I'm 5'/5'1" give or take. So, there's really not a lot of room in between the head and toes for extra "puff" if you know what I mean. I have to be extremely accountable to myself to stay where I need to be to feel good and be healthy. My WW goal range is, I think, 106 to 132 for 5'1". My ideal weight is 112. But I am having a hard time shaking these additional 6+ pounds. I know it doesn't seem like much to some but to me it seems sometimes insurmountable. I know, stop whining and get it together. So noted. Here's my journal.

Daily Journal 1-23-2008

WW Vanilla Yogurt w/ ½ cup frozen cherries and 1Tblsp Wholegrain Instant Oats (this is so good, the frozen cherries make parts of the yogurt frozen and the oats add crunch) 1.5
Coffee with 4 Tbsp Fat Free Creamer and 2 Splenda Vanilla Tubes 1
FF Cottage Cheese with a Clementine, fresh pineapple and craisins 2
Carrots 0
Curves Strawberry & Cream Bar 1
WW Quesadilla, Salad and Green beans 5
Rice Cakes 2
Cinnamon Disks 1
Total 13.5

Exercise 25 minutes on bike (25 walking brisk and 10 running) 2
Morning Weight 120.00

All for now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Journal and Short Ramblings

Well, one day down and many more to go to get back on track. But, one day is one day, right??? Below is my journal . Wondering, do I have to be perfect in my weight loss efforts to be successful? It seems like my mind set needs perfection. Anybody else feel that way?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


4 Tbsp fat-free creamer - 1 point
1 packet Instant Oatmeal with Apples & Cinnamon - 2 points
1/2 cup Fresh frozen dark sweet cherries - .5 points
2 packet Flavor blends for coffee, mocha - 0
Subtotal 3.5


1/8 cup sweet red pepper(s) - 0
1/4 cup Fiber One - 0
1 oz Pouch premium chunk chicken breast - 1
Salad with Feta and Craisins - 0
Subtotal 1


1/3 cup Marinara sauce, store-bought - 1
1 tsp Three cheese Italian - 0.5
1/8 oz pignolias - 0.5
1/8 cup fat-free packaged croutons - 0.5
3/4 oz bread - 1
Ravioli - Quick-added food - 3 (see photo )
Subtotal 6.5


2 1/2 oz clementine - 0.5
Curves Strawberry & Creme Bar - Quick-added food - 1
1 serving Slim a Bear Ice Cream 2
Subtotal 3.5

Food POINTS values total used - 14.5

10 min jogging - 1
15 min walking, brisk - 1
Activity POINTS values earned - 2

Monday, January 21, 2008

Could Be Like Christmas All Over Again!

Check out Roni’s new contest! I can win a Nutrition Smart Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for details!

Too bad I'm going to win.... Just kidding. I do hope I win though... Ahhh, Christmas all over again!!!

Good Day Off - Bad Day Off

Well, I was successful on Friday. Got outta there with only one piece of pizza and two small glasses of wine. Yeah!! We had a great time and I was good. I also had a great Saturday with a trip to my favorite place, Starbucks, for a Skinny Mocha and Applebees for a small Cesar salad (dressing on the side) and a WW portion of their wonderful French Onion Soup. A glass of wine to top it off. No dessert and no desserting my on-plan day. Now, comes Sunday. Not as successful. It was a day of cleaning, tons of laundry, more cleaning, you get the picture. I started munching and just never stopped. Maybe I was rebelling against the cleaning - is that anything like rage against the machine??? Today, office was closed and I chose to stay home (even though I really could have been working). I was very busy painting and finishing a bathroom me and the husband have been working on for several months. It's an extra bath we only use for company which is why we can continue to work on it for months and months. Anyway, it felt good to get it painted and pictures hung and all put back together. Well, I waited too long in the day to eat and when I finally decided I was starving, I starting munching on this and that and every time I would tell myself, enough. Well, it seemed like the whole evening was more than enough. I feel like I made bad choices and ruined all my hard work on Friday and Saturday. Oh well, I can't dwell on what has happened. Tomorrow is another day with a blank journal waiting with my name on it. I am going to do my very best to keep on track, drink my water, eat my veggies and track. Tracking is the only way I can keep accountable. Anybody else feel this way? Oh, I'll post a picture of the bathroom soon. Have a good evening.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Very First Post

Well, here I am, entering the blogging community. I have been working on this since the first of the year and if you can tell from what I have, it's not much. Oh well, you have to start somewhere. Just like losing weight and maintaining. You have to start somewhere. I have been reading Roni, Carolyn, Anne and Molly and Katie blogs for months and finally decided that I needed to join in. I also need to say that since the first of the year my eating has been all over the map. No, make that the globe of the entire world. I know that the holidays are over and have been over. I do have one excuse, my husband's birthday on the 12th but does that give you the leeway to eat chocolate cake (frosting made with 1 pound of powdered sugar by my Mother, yes, I said 1 pound of powdered sugar)? Apparently I thought it did because I ate way more than I should have. The sad thing was I also made a WW cake. Do I take a sensible piece and move on? Noooooo, I don't. Okay, I'm whining and I don't want my first post to be whining. So, let's talk about today. Let's call it a Fabulous Friday so far. I've had exercise, quite a bit of water and measured and input all my food into the online journal. Great so far, huh? Well, a friend called and wants us to go over tonight to eat pizza and drink beer and wine and play games with another couple. Sigh. Can you spell disaster? Now, I'm not really a pizza freak. I will eat it and it tastes great but I don't go seeking it out if you know what I mean. So, I'm going to try to be as sensible as possible and eat a moderate piece of pizza, drink a moderate amount of wine and just try to have fun without worrying too much about where I am with food right now. Believe you me, food really likes me as I can feel it adhering to my thighs. Probably the chocolate cake. Maybe I should have just rubbed it on my thighs and avoided chewing! Help me get through this, please...