Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Another Monday

Isn't that a song? Well, that's how I feel about today, just another Monday. Blah. Yes, blah. I had a great weekend, not so great food wise but great overall. Accomplished many things, went to a movie, grocery shopping, balanced the checkbook. Just nice. I have done okay with food today and have had quite a bit of water. However, I'm not feeling good about myself. Just not feeling like I have it together, you know what I mean? I am a control freak and I just feel like my relationship with food right now is out of control. I bought candy at the movie this weekend (something that I hardly ever do because I know I will eat the entire giant box), more candy at the store, didn't exercise Sunday or today. I need to shake it off or I feel like I will continue down the road I've been down so often. I need to do something, but what? I don't want food to rule me. I need to remember that I need food to live, I don't live for food. How can I get that across to myself?

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