Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do You Love or Hate Weekends?

Well, a new day and we are nipping on the heels of the weekend. Yeah!!! I love and hate weekends. The love part is, of course, you don't have to work, duh.. You can sleep in a little, be a little lazy and maybe have coffee in bed (my kids are grown and the only baby I have is a 70 lb golden retriever, Dudley, who, I will admit, occasionally has coffee in bed)! The hate part is it's also the time for work at home. Cleaning, laundry, bill paying, grocery shopping. Does anybody else hate these things sometimes or am I the only one? Any ideas on how to make it better?

Here's my journal for Wednesday, also stepped on the scale this am (I've seen better). I need to explain the scale number to you because some of you will think, "What the heck is wrong with you, I would love to have that number on the scale!" Well, I am not a large person. I'm 5'/5'1" give or take. So, there's really not a lot of room in between the head and toes for extra "puff" if you know what I mean. I have to be extremely accountable to myself to stay where I need to be to feel good and be healthy. My WW goal range is, I think, 106 to 132 for 5'1". My ideal weight is 112. But I am having a hard time shaking these additional 6+ pounds. I know it doesn't seem like much to some but to me it seems sometimes insurmountable. I know, stop whining and get it together. So noted. Here's my journal.

Daily Journal 1-23-2008

WW Vanilla Yogurt w/ ½ cup frozen cherries and 1Tblsp Wholegrain Instant Oats (this is so good, the frozen cherries make parts of the yogurt frozen and the oats add crunch) 1.5
Coffee with 4 Tbsp Fat Free Creamer and 2 Splenda Vanilla Tubes 1
FF Cottage Cheese with a Clementine, fresh pineapple and craisins 2
Carrots 0
Curves Strawberry & Cream Bar 1
WW Quesadilla, Salad and Green beans 5
Rice Cakes 2
Cinnamon Disks 1
Total 13.5

Exercise 25 minutes on bike (25 walking brisk and 10 running) 2
Morning Weight 120.00

All for now.

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