Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm A Geek!!

Ya, you read it correctly, I'm A Geek!!! I am so excited that me and the husband have finally finished our guest bathroom. Yes, painted cleaned and ready for action.. Well, that's probably not the kind of action you really want. Sorry, I just couldn't resist that comment. Here are some pics.

Anyway, just had to share that. As I said I Am A Geek because I'm so excited about a bathroom!!

Well, now about the task at hand. Weight Maintenance/Weight Loss. I have now had two really good food days. Not so much on the exercise but, one step at a time. As Katieo commented. I live in Colorado and it's January... what do I expect??? By the way, it is snowing like a maniac outside as I type this post. Just to show you the amount of snow, here's my dog, Dudley, relaxing in the "snow mountain" outside our house.

This is Dudley standing at the door to come in after playing in the snow! He's kind of a weenie...

Now, about that OP. Shhh... I have been doing really great and don't want to jinx it. As I said, two full days of On Program. I'm hoping for the scale to show my hard work soon. Maybe tomorrow???

Scale Reading this am 119.7 (not real impressive to me)

Points 17 (not very hungry today)

Goal for tomorrow - to stay once again OP and to exercise.

I made a great Chicken Parm over Spagetti Squash and will post the recipe maybe tomorrow.


Michele said...

Hi! I found your blog through your comment on Roni's site. I just wanted to tell you that your guest bathroom is beautiful! I also love the pics of your dog out in the snow. How cute! I live in Florida and haven't seen snow in years but enjoyed your pics!

I would love your recipe for chicken parm. Sounds good!

Krista said...

Michele: I will post the recipe tonight. I actually wish I had a little Florida right now. It's snowing again!!

Roni said...

There is NO way you are bigger geek then me! :~P

The bathroom looks great! and you are doing so great!! Keep it up!