Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Challenge Results So Far

Progress on my goal as stated here. I have actually lost 1.5 pounds and exercised an average of 5 times per week. Not having met my goal, I'm feeling a little irritated with myself. I've also postponed taking the too tight pants pics that I promised. One would think I would take them soon so I can see how tight they really are and jolt me back into eating reality. Pictures will be taken and posted.

So, as you can tell from above, the challenge is underway and we are in week three. I have to say I wanted to be a little farther on the weight loss and exercise front but, alas, I'm not. I'm sure I could come up with some excuses, like I was sick last week, it snowed here all day Monday and Tuesday so I have no need to fit into summer pants, Mother's Day happened, I had elective bypass surgery (slipped that in to see if you were truly listening to my whiny excuses). Yes, some of these things did truly happen in my life but are really no excuse for not being more accountable.

Let's get it in gear, woman. It meaning your flabby derriere moving in some way to counter attack the lack of accountability.... I shall report better results in my next post.