Thursday, July 23, 2009

His and Hers

So, the first part of this post has nothing to do with His and Hers. But later in the post it will make sense, really. Had to share my crazy dog. This is him lying on the deck wondering why we aren't going for a walk. Notice he won't even look at the camera?

Well, now that I've said the magic words which happen to be really inventive. "Let's go for a walk!" This is what I get. Such a fickle animal...
Now, on to the his and hers. So, we went to the grocery store the other night and when we got home and I was unpacking I couldn't believe the difference in our purchases. See below. The only redeeming thing that he purchased is the Skippy Natural Peanut Butter. I've tried other brands that tend to be a little more healthy and got the well, if I have to eat it, I will line. This is his compromise.
So, he buys this.
I buy these.
He purchases the largest bag of Frosted Flakes that I have ever seen.

I go for the natural granola.
He buys a large box of these. Probably 5 grams of fat per bar. Notice that they are Peanut Butter? The man has a thing with PB.
I throw a few of these in the cart to try.
Truly shocked me once I paid attention. I eat what I like and what I hope is good for me. He really eats things that "taste good" no matter what the calories or fat. Well, they do say opposites attract. Have a good evening.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up to the Challenge?

Well, here I am sweaty and redfaced after Amy's Challenge Workout Wednesday. I hit the trail for a 3.5 mile run/walk. Got up early as the Hubs had to go to work. We walked into town from the house which is about 1.0 +/- miles and then I walked back, took the long way around the river walking path, ran for about 2 miles, give or take, and walked the rest of the way. I was hot, sweaty and felt great. The dog on the other hand ended up in the river several times and was quite hot by the time we were done. So, bring on Workout Wednesday Week 4. Had some time in the morning after exercising so did some things around the house and then made some of this amazing banana fro yo thanks to Gena. This stuff is the "bomb." Here are some pics of the process. Remember, you need to have patience to make this stuff because it does take awhile. I started with three frozen bananas which needed to be peeled. Very cold, red hand! I put the banans in the food processor with the blade and let it do its thing. You have to continuely move them around or this won't work.

I added a tsp of vanilla which makes it taste even more wonderful. Here is the mixing, adding vanilla and the final product. So, if you are hankering for something to relax with on the couch before bed besides the Hubs, this treat is it. Some fresh strawberries on top aren't too shabby either. Have a good one!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Trying to Get Back Into It

So, as you can see, it's been forever since posting. However, Amy's Challenge has brought me back into it. The challenge so far has made me think about exercise and making the right food choices. Here are some pics of last week's challenge. I hit the trail and worked it out for a little over an hour. I also had some four-legged help from my faithful golden retriever, Dudley. If I had four legs I could go faster too! The trail head for this 3.5 mile hike/run is a few blocks from work (uphill). So it's easy to head up after a long day of sitting at a desk. This is the start and believe me it's straight up for a good while. It then tapers and you get to go for awhile on a somewhat flat trail which is where I do the running. Then we go up again, straight down, flat, down, up, you get the picture.
We have to go down these after going across a very high bridge over a canyon and then through a short cavelike walkway through the mountain. The dog wasn't so hot on the high bridge or the cave. It took some cajoling to get him to do it! All, in all, it was a great workout. I did get eaten by mosquitoes at one point. Yikes. Update ya with this week's challenge later.