Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Fat My Friend?

I am guilty of having an abundance of fat-free and reduced-fat products in my house. I jumped on the fat free band wagon several years ago and I'm still ridin shot gun. Am I truly being health conscious with these products or should I try to let "fat be my friend?" Fat has always gotten me into trouble before and I don't want to go there again. However, I recently read an article (not that I haven't heard it before) reinterating that our bodies need dietary fats, especially those naturally found in fish, nuts, seeds and oils. So, instead of banishing fat completely or seeing it as the enemy, should I be a little less of a control freak and give it a try? I know that healthy fat means fish, nuts, seeds, oils, avocados, olives, etc. Well, let me tell you about me and our friend the nut. If I have nuts in the house. The nuts will end up being eaten, no ifs, ands or buts. I can't control my consumption of nuts. I will, literally, eat a whole can of nuts in one sitting. I will feel ill afterward but, nonetheless, it still occurs. As I alway say, my relationship with food is a work in progress. I just don't buy them, period. With nuts out of the equation, that leaves, fish, oils, seeds, avocados and olives. I think seeds would get me the same results as the nuts. Similar breed with most likely the same result. So, now we are down to fish, oil, avocados and olives. I don't think I should just start downing the olive oil, so what should I do to reintroduce some "good" fat back into my diet? Honestly, none of the remaining choices sound real appealing. How do you get your "good" fat or, honestly, do you even worry about it?


katieo said...

I agree with you, if you're a nut fiend, don't bring them in the house. That said,

I LOVE avocados! I eat them all the time. (in salads, squished up with a little bit of kosher salt over toast. thrown into a taco, etc.)

Whenever I make a pizza or spaghetti, I always cook the tomatoes in a little bit of olive oil.

A little fat (even the bad kind, but I DO mean LITTLE) goes a longer in making me feel full.

And fish can be awesome! MahiMahi, Salmon, etc. That stuff is full of Omega 3's, and good fats AND protein, etc. I guess I don't really "worry" about it, but to be honest, I try to stay away from "reduced-fat" anything just because a) I'd rather have a smaller portion of the real thing, and b) there's usually more sugar, and if not sugar than artificial sweeteners, which just make a little nervous.
That's me though!

Ok, one more thing, There's an article that I just came across today about "diet" soda (but the implication lies with artificial sweeteners) could actually be slowing your metabolism. Here it is:
Artificial Sweeteners

and yes, I realize there are two sides, and many people disagree with that study, but still...it's something to think about!

Krista said...

Katieo: Thanks for the ideas. I do try to get in some fish and I will use avocados on occasion but I generally don't use much oil. I will try to be better about this. Also, thanks for the comment about artificial sweetners. I don't normally drink much soda but never really thought about it being in snacks, etc. Might have to be more of a label reader to make sure.

katieo said...

OK Krista, I have to laugh because last night when I opened my fridge, what did I see? Low fat cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cream cheese, low-cal ranch, etc. I closed the fridge going, 'I'm a total hypocrite!'
I think the stuff I tend to shy away form is the packagey "diet" food.

Krista said...

Not a worry about me thinkin you're a hypocrite. But now you've got me thinking. I may do some camparison of ingredients on the full fat versus low fat/fat free items I use and see if there's really something in them that may not be good for me and all those other fat free lovers out there. I'll get back to you with my findings in a post on my blog. Sound like a plan?