Sunday, February 10, 2008

Failure to Plan will Result in a Plan to Fail

I heard this statement today and it kind of hit home on the weight loss front. My planning has not been as good as I would like it to be of late. Especially on the weight loss front. So, after a weekend of okay eating (Could have been worse) I am going to have a "planned week." By that I mean that I will plan my meals and snacks on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will sit down and plan some dinner ideas that can take me through several nights. I love leftovers. Some people hate them, however I'm not one of those people. Truly, there are some things that taste better the second night around. One of my favorite "go to" dinner ideas is anything using the crock pot. Soups, salsa chicken, stew, whatever. It is such a good feeling when you walk through the door after work and "voile" dinner is ready and the house smells wonderful! So, here's my plan:
  • Dust off the journal
  • Get out the food scale
  • Make sure frig is stocked with good things (someone once said to me if you stand in front of the refrigerator and aren't hungry enough to each a piece of fruit, you aren't that hungry). Right now I have salad, veggies, fruit, string cheese, yogurt, fat free salad dressings and I'm sure a few other things that are good for me. So, I have a start on a fabulous week.
  • Sit down and plan dinners for the week - I'll get back to you and let you know what I come up with.
  • Exercise at least five times this week
  • Get my tax information to the accountant (not weight related but it's making me nervous)

So, there you have it. It's a plan in writing. I tend to stick to something better if I see it in writing.

Oh, I crosscountry skied today - yikes my muscles are sore. But in a good way.

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