Thursday, February 14, 2008

Has Cupid Shot You With His Arrow Today?


My husband and I have been married 27 years now and we aren't so much into the Valentine's Day hype. You can call us old fuddy duddies, it's okay. I do have some candy for him. He can eat candy every day and not have a problem with his weight. I bought him a can of Mixed Nuts, a box of Dots and a big package of Reese's Peanut Butter Big Cups.

Observation, my husband only eats when he's hungry and stops when he's full. He won't eat just because. I will offer him something and he will say, "No, I think I'm full." Me on the other hand, especially if it's candy, nuts, cookies, cake, would eat it even if I'm full. What is the difference in us that makes that possible? Why does he have the control over food that I don't? His relationship with food is basically he needs it to live and work each day. I have a very different relationship with food. I always want what I perceive as something I shouldn't have. Does that make any sense at all? Me and the husband have made some deals over the years in an attempt to even out the odds of him never gaining weight and me looking at food and doing the opposite. Here are a few of those compromises:

  • that we try to reduce our consumption of red meat and lean more toward the chicken and fish and occasionally no meat at all, shhh, a vegetarian dish. I had to work at this last one.
  • we have a vegetable with dinner each and every night. I truly have to say this one has been a success. Both of us are now vegetable connoisseurs.
  • try to keep candy, cookies and sugar laden treats from entering the house on a regular basis.
  • try new recipes.
  • he will support me in my weight loss efforts and I will support him in his love for football. (This, of course means that we will eat lowfat snacks while watching!)
  • have patience with me when I come home grumpy from weigh in when I've gained.
  • never be a food pusher.
  • work with me when I get excited about a new food find or cookbook.
  • love me no matter whether I've gained and praise me when I have lost.

So, see why we are still Valentines after 27 years. Have you and your Valentine done any weight loss compromising over the years? If so, pray tell...

Hope you and your Valentine have a great V Day.

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