Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am the PRESIDENT of Overindulging

Okay, if I had been Washington or Lincoln, I probably wouldn't have had access to Girl Scout cookies, right? See where I'm going with this one? Well, I am truly the PRESIDENT of overindulging on the long weekend.

First it was a trip to the city to visit my girls. That, of couse, was an excuse to overindulge. What, go to the city and not eat out, why of course not. Then, sweet little Girls Scouts in full dress attire standing at attention outside every store we seemed to frequent. Don't they know it's Colorado, it's cold and people haven't been exercising properly and shouldn't be tempted by their innocent, wafer thin little cheeks and tiny mouthes smiling and asking, "Mam, wouldn't you like to support our troop and buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?" I didn't want to say to them, "Well, honey, I have been eating way too much the last couple days and feel like a beached whale, my pants are tight and I really shouldn't have any cookies, but thank you." Instead, I hear the words coming from my mouth saying, "Sure, why don't I get a box of Thin Mints and Tagalongs." All the while I'm thinking, by the way, can you just take them out of the box and paste them to my butt and thighs? Thanks, so much.

Notwithstanding the evilness of Girl Scout cookies and mexican food. I then find that the Easter candy is in the grocery stores. Could anybody ask for something more evil than the creation of the Cadbury Mini Egg? Oh, come on weight loss gods, throw me a bone here, will ya!!! So, I smile, and throw them in my cart. They are also now affixed to my thighs and buttocks. This is the way of the weekend and my Monday and Tuesday haven't been much better.

Let's talk about overindulging. Normal, every once and awhile, yes, but this weekend was grandios in overindulgence. I AM FREAKING OUT, HERE, PEOPLE. Sorry to shout but hopefuly somebody is listening. How do I get back to healthy eating after overindulging????

Well, I came across this article when freaking out and it actually makes sense. So, people, here I go, I am going to commit to all my readers to do the following:

1. Relax (this is going to be a tough one but I'm going to try)
2. Add some fiber to your diet. It helps push the "junk" from your body after a binge and will help you feel full. (I'm thinking that if I down an entire box of Fiber One, it might, and I say "might," make a difference)
3. Drink green tea and water during breakfast and lunch to help process the fiber.
4. Have high protein meals for lunch and dinner. (Girl Scout cookies probably don't count, huh?)
5. Have a high protein snack.
6. Go for a walk or do some sit-ups. Exercise if you feel up to it. Don't over do it or it could trigger the binge again.
7. Get 8 hours of sleep.
8. Follow steps 1 through 7 for another day or until you are back on track.
9. Love yourself for caring enough to take care of your body.

I have to say, after typing this post, I'm feeling a little better about the weekend. I have to accept what has happened, be happy I have a chance to start over and focus on what I'm doing right now, this very moment, to correct what has already happened. I may need some encouragement, though, so anybody out there feeling like they want to give advice, please feel free.....

Oh, when I got back to the office this morning, guess what was on my chair? Four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. They were delivered late on Friday after I was gone for the day. Weight loss gods at work again. Don't you just love it.


Anonymous said...

It's not that bad to overindulge once in awhile, I guess. For those of us with weight problems, I think the fear is that it's going to become a habit. Because, that's what has happened to most of us in the past, right?

That list of tips looks sensible. I hope you can get yourself back on track. Is there someone you can donate the cookies to, maybe? Or ask your husband to hide them and eat them when you're not around?

I always buy things from kids who come to my door, too.

katieo said...

Thanks for the tips. I really wish I didn't need them! ;)

Krista said...

Anonymouse and Katieo: Thanks for the comments.
Anonymouse: I did have the husband take the cookies away. Thanks for reminding me I can do that!
Katieo: I wish I didn't need tips on what to do after over indulging either!!! Sadly, I do.