Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Atmospheric Phenomenon...

Could it be? Could it possibly be? It must be an Atmospheric Phenomenon but I actually have had a weekend not filled with cookies, candy, Mexican food, etc. I weigh in on Monday mornings and will post the results on my progress chart tomorrow evening. Just wanted to share that because I'm feeling better about things on the weight loss front.

I also have two NSVs to share will all of you.

1. For those of you who have been following my little problem (okay, okay, it's not a little problem) with Girl Scout Cookies which I talked about earlier this week. I have news to report. I did my weekly grocery shopping this afternoon and low and behold who do you think was stationed outside the front door, actually both doors, of Wal Mart? Yeah, you guessed it, the Girl Scouts and their damned evil cookies. I want you to know they came at me like a swarm of mosquitoes looking to suck your blood and leave a welt to remind you later. Their sweet little voices asking in perfect unison, "Mam, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" Well, I smiled with confidence and answered, "No thank you I already have several boxes." Can you freaking believe it? I did it, I didn't give in this time. Could it be that I didn't want to give in or is it another Atmospheric Phenomenon?

2. On another front, I have cross-county skied two days in a row (2 miles each day). If Mother Nature isn't going to throw me a bone with the weather, I'll show her. I'll beat her at her own game. I'll just keep skiing until May!!!

So, all in all, the weekend has been pleasant, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and a little coffee sipping by the fire with the husband and the golden retriever.


katieo said...

Good for you for skiing!!! Has it let up at all there? We're having a heat wave or something. Today it was something like 45! (that was before the snow mind you, lol!)

Krista said...

Well, let's just say another 5 inches overnight. I'm headed out to ski at lunch. Wish me luck!