Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funny Story

Well, my youngest daughter is away at school and she called me the other day and told me the following story.

There is a girl in her class that is from Persia. Well, I wasn't sure about its location. My first thought was in the middle east somewhere. Apparently its in Iran somewhere between Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm no geography major so I looked it up.

This girl and my daughter have a "girl thing" going on as both are very competitive. The Persia card is played often in class to make a point to all that she is superior. Well, my youngest daughter is, how do I say this, a little "spunky," if you know what I mean. She finally had enough of the Persia card the other day and told her this. "You know, I'm from Italy, the country that's shaped like a boot and if you're not careful I'll shove it up your a___!" In front of the entire class mind you. At first I used the pursed mother expression thinking how could I have raised a daughter who would do such a thing. Then I burst out laughing hysterically. Can you just see it, a classroom full of students and she pops up with, "you know, the country shaped like a boot ...." I asked if she was now suspended or asked not to return. She said, "No." The teacher apparently had a hard time not laughing, turned his back to the students and continued with class. The classroom was full of muffled laughs and shaking shoulders as they were all trying to hold in their laughter.

I'm guessing that my daughter has won this round but there will probably be more. What do you think?

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