Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is Too Short

You know, today I had to go to a funeral for a client who I have known for 20+ years. He was what I would categorize as "my absolutely favorite client." Kind, intelligent, funny, complimentary and always thinking of ways to "make a deal work." It's hard for me to think I won't be working with him anymore. I will truly miss him and his wonderful laugh.

So, because of the whole uproar in my schedule the last couple days, my eating and exercise have been erratic. And, can you believe, I have another funeral planned for tomorrow. A lovely little lady who taught piano lessons to local kids and who I have known since I was young passed away over the weekend. She will truly be missed in our community. So, I'm anticipating that my schedule, again tomorrow, will be crazy. My plan, however, is to not let that be an excuse to eat things not on plan or not drink my water or not at least attempt some type of exercise. I think by writing that down, I am doing myself a favor.

I will be taking those photos of my "too tight pants" for my tribute to the Glam Challenge this weekend. So, please tune in for my public humiliation.

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