Monday, March 3, 2008

Are You a Guitar Hero?

Let me explain. Well, even though me and the husband are not kids anymore, in fact, quite the contrary, we invested in a Wii. We have some friends who have an x-box and my husband fell in love with the game Guitar Hero when we were invited over to their house "to play." These same friends came over to our house on Friday evening for a lite supper and to play Guitar Hero on the new Wii.

I have several observations about that evening. There were three couples, a total of six people. I made soup in the crockpot, heated some multigrain bread for "dunking" and we had Vitabrownies with dried cherries and toasted pine nuts on top for dessert. Shhh, there were a few alcoholic beverages as well.

Observation #1 One couple who we will call Couple #1. The husband is thin and tall and the wife, who I have known since I was in grade school, has battled with her weight and has even gone to WW with me.
Observation #2 The other couple who we will call Couple #2. The husband is shorter and rounder and, even though still young, has had serious heart related health issues and he has had to keep his weight in check while his wife is no bigger than a minute. Seriously, people, she is and has always been thin, even when she was pregnant.
Observation #3 We'll be Couple #3. Me, of course, battle with food and weight issues and have since childhood. My husband has had spells where he has fought to keep his weight in control but for most of our married life, has remained thin.

So, why am I telling you this you ask. Don't get impatient, I'm getting to that.

So, we ate dinner and from the minute we sat at the table I began to observe what everybody ate, how much, etc. I know, it's a wonder I have any friends. Being the food person I am, I find this type of observation interesting. Two men went back for seconds on soup, my husband and the shorter husband of the threesome. All ate bread except for the "no bigger than a minute" wife. We all had beer or wine. Then came time for brownies. This observation was very interesting. No bigger than a minute or tall thin husband from Couple #1 were ever observed reaching for, smelling nor eating a brownie. My husband had too many to count which is normal for him, Couple #2 husband had two and said I need to stop and wife from Couple #1 was spotted eating several.

Let's recap. Why is it that some people have control over food and other's don't? If you can see my logic here, two of the brownie eaters have health or weight issues. My husband is just a pig and can generally eat whatever he wants and never gain weight. Totally not fair if you ask me but back to my question. What makes some people not want dessert and to be satisfied with dinner. Both non-brownie eaters said I'm full and weren't tempted by brownies. Who is not tempted by brownies? Am I just destined to have bad food karma and always be tempted by brownies or food in general? Just curoius. Signed, Friendly Food Observer

PS I kicked butt at Guitar Hero. I think my husband's nose is a little out of joint. I'm just a girl, you know. Heehee!


katieo said...

I often wonder about this. The only time in my life I've felt differently about food is during pregnancy. In fact, I remember thinking, "I need to bottle up this lack of appetite and take it after the baby!" My tastes change, everything changes and (at least in the first couple months) food becomes the enemy. Then when i can actually eat something besides saltines and sprite I want the weirdest stuff and can't ever eat past capacity.

Anyway, my point is, I've often wondered about the people who seem to have the food balance in check, and what proportion of that is hormones, genetics, environment, etc.

Roni said...

If you can answer this you'd be a millionaire! I am one that would be tormented by those brownies until I ate one where my husband would just ignore them. Actually, that just happened to us at a party. I ate 2 he didn't even notice them.


Krista said...

You know, Roni, I would be a millionaire, wouldn't I? I am still going to continue my observations though.

Katieo: Good call on the hormones, genetics comment. I too often wonder why we eat the things we eat and like the taste of some foods and not others. Gives us something to think about huh?