Monday, March 10, 2008

New Day, New Snowflakes

Yep, you heard it here. More snow. So much for my spring fashion shopping spree. I guess I'll be cross-country skiing in the morning in the pitch black, love that Daylight Savings Time. I think I complainith too much. I shall stop.

Let's talk about what's up with my food planning, measuring, eating, eating, eating. Oh, I seem to be stuck on eating, don't I? Kind of like my weekend. So, today is Monday and the greatest and bestest day to give it a go to have a good beginning to a great week. That's exactly what I'm going to do. So, I have great food in the house as I just went shopping over the weekend and there's no excuse not to eat well and be accountable. I know that I said I was going to try not to weigh and measure but as I thought about it I realized that the only time I have ever been successful at losing and maintaining is when I weigh and measure. So, I guess if I'm 90 and in the kitchen measuring out my Esure and prunes, so be it. There could be worse things in the world. At least I'll be a thin 90 year old!

So, I took Roni's advice over at Roni's Weight Watchen and picked up some light Ben & Jerry's. I grabbed the Cherry Garcia Light Frozen Yogurt. The stats aren't bad 1/2 cup for 170 calories, 3 grams of fat and .5 grams of fiber. Works out to 4 points per serving if you are doing WW (you could probably get away with 3.5 if you wanted to, I usually round up, though). Not too shabby. I've yet to try it but I'll report back and let you know. It was actually fun to look in the ice cream section and find something that I could fit into my life.

I also did something that I haven't done for awhile and that's mark point values on the foods I bought at the store. That way, I know exactly what my portion should be and what the point value is for that particular food. I had gotten away from doing that and I really think it helps me. I'm a nutritional label freak so I'm always looking at them anyway, why not figure out the points right off the bat. I write the points directly on the bag, box, etc. If I happen to dump the contents in another container, I cut the label off the bag or box, write the points on it and stick it in the container. I think it helps my "accountability." You know the old saying - Out of sight, out of mind. Well this makes it harder when the points are written in permanent marker on the container I'm eating from.

I'll try to stop back after dinner and post my menu for the day.

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