Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Abstain or Not to Abstain

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not what you think! I’m talking about abstaining from some type of eating or abstaining from some type of activity for the next 40 days. Yes, my husband is Italian and yes, he’s catholic so I guess I’m catholic by default. We talked last night and he is thinking about what to “give up.” I threw out a couple ideas for me like not eating chocolate (husband rolls eyes because I rarely eat chocolate) so I guess I really wouldn’t be giving up anything. Then I thought that I would give up saying “bad things about people.” This one would actually be harder than not eating chocolate. Not that I am a horrible person but because sometimes I will say what I think about people and the stupid things they do. This can be as random as a comment like “I’m sick of dealing with stupid people” after an encounter in which I believe that there were absolutely no brain cells in use by the other party or maybe watching some guy drive his two wheel drive truck with chains on the paved road with sparks flying and my comment would be “way to go rocket scientist.” So, without me even knowing the person or the circumstances behind the situation, I immediately assume stupidity… So, I think I shall choose the later and abstain from saying bad things about people. My husband wanted to know if he would fall into this category and if I would refrain from saying bad things about him? I’m still on the fence about that one. Muah, love you honey… Will keep you posted. Happy day after Lent day.

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Jaime said...

bwahahaha...I love this. I'm totally the same way (aren't we all!). Of course, I don't do Lent so I guess I'll continue to bathmouth people all I want. :)

THANKS AGAIN for the INCREDIBLE loot package. You went ALL OUT!!!