Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Mother Nature:

I know that I live at 7700 feet in elevation. I know that it is only February. I know that we all have bad days. I’m asking that you give us a break here in western Colorado. Really, does it have to snow for a solid three days and accumulate 3 feet of snow? Really, I mean, really. I notice that this type of weather behavior is not just here in my little mountainous area but other places as well. Didn't it snow in Florida recently? Have you given up chocolate for lent which might be the reason for such an attitude? May I suggest that you give up something else? Just a thought… Sincerely, Krista in Colorado

PS Maybe we should start exercising together as I seem to have the exercise blahs due to, um, “bad weather.”

Vancouver, Want some snow?

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