Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Have Booty

Well, not as much booty as I used to but that's not the kind of booty I'm talkin bout. I have booty for Jaime over at Embracing Balance. Here is a little preview.
Umm, what could be in there?? You will just have to wait and see when Jaime opens it up! I tried one of these. These little gems get a thumbs up.
I had my WW meeting last night and we talked about "me time" and how if we don't make time for ourselves, we should. I believe that my exercise time is my "me time." Now, since the weather here is like this right now, it does cut down on what can be done outside.

But I also have a treadmill that I use at least 5 time a week. I put on my little apple green ipod and go for it. Yes, my treadmill is a little old school but the belt still moves! If it ever dies (god forbid), I will get another one maybe say from the 21st century.

The gentleman above really likes it when I exercise outside. So, spring/summer/fall months are spent walking, running, hiking becauseI live in a place where it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this type of outdoor fun! Okay, if I were to ask you what you do for "me time" what would you say?

1 comment:

Jaime said...

ooooooh, booty!!!!! :)

Yours is packed and ready to go...just need to get to the post office tomorrow.